Back to Work

I’ve been away with limited Internet access. I hope you noticed:-)

I was, however, able to work on Book 3 of The Modest Proposal Institute so it is progressing — though more slowly than I would like. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fast writer.

Part of the reason it’s moving slowly is the story is getting harder to tell because the stage has moved out to the wider world. We’re no longer confined to a small island or small plots of land around spaceports. There are more characters too. In particular, now that girls and young women have been brought into the Institute, their story needs to be told as well.

In fact, I’m not sure my original plan of five books is going to be enough. We’ll see how it all develops.

Modest Proposal Institute INSTAGRAM TEASER

The Modest Proposal Institute Progresses

Now that Book 2: No More Empires is finally launched and all the publishing problems have been fixed (I hope:-), I’ll return to book 1: An Old Path to a New Future. Why? Because I received some neat marketing ‘Teasers’ for book one and I want to use them:-)

As part of launching No More Empires, I upgraded An Old Path to a New Future with links to the new book. Once the formatter was finished, I uploaded the new file and book one ‘enjoyed’ the same peculiar behaviours that I saw with the new book. I like to think Amazon was having a bad week, I hope so anyhow, but I can’t help suspecting I’m not the savvy self-publisher I will be when book five comes out.

For those of you who haven’t yet bought either of the series, you can find them both at my Amazon Author Page. And finally, here’s one of the Teasers.

Modest Proposal Institute INSTAGRAM TEASER




No More Empires Published

SUCCESS!!! Apologies for shouting but it has been a difficult couple of days with Amazon’s publishing process and it still isn’t entirely right.

No matter, The Modest Proposal Institute, book 2: No More Empires is now available on Amazon. You can buy it here. And here’s the cover so you know which of the two books to buy:-)


The Modest Proposal Institute Book 2: No More Empires

I’ve uploaded No More Empires, book 2 in The Modest Proposal Institute series, to Amazon. It’s available to pre-order here. It goes live to the public on April 23 when it will be priced at a discount (it probably wasn’t good salesmanship to tell you that:-) for the first few days.

These final few days are stressful to us independent authors. Setting everything up on Amazon and linking the first book to the second have taken their toll, I can tell you. (I’m a mere shadow of my former self:-) I should write a book about it.

Here’s another look at the new book’s cover so you’ll find it if you search Amazon instead  of using the link I provided above…


No More Empires being Finalized

No More Empires, book two of The Modest Proposal Institute series, is in the final stages before publication — Yay!! I still expect it to be on Amazon on April 23rd or thereabouts. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Once it’s done, I can focus on getting book 3 written; an author’s work is never done.

While we wait for No More Empires to be released, Author Shout have made some (I think) neat ‘teasers’ for book 1, An Old Path to a New Future. I’ve posted one of them below. What do you think? Does it catch your fancy?

Modest Proposal Institute FACEBOOK and TWITTER TEASER

Cover and Formatting Complete (Sort Of)

The cover for No More Empires, book 2 of The Modest Proposal Institute series, is complete (see below), though I’m waiting for all the final files and the first file, Kindle file, is complete. I reviewed it today and sent comments back.  Everything is going to my brilliant master plan, otherwise known as a sort of loose schedule that might change at any moment:-)

For those of you writing a book, and I’m sure that’s most of you, you need three formatted files — a mobi file for Kindle, an ePub file for the other ebook readers, like Kobo etc, and a pdf file for your paperback book. That’s a long explanation to say I’m about one third of the way there.

By next week’s blog post, I should be all set for a publishing date around April 23!!



Progress on Book 2: No More Empires

I’ve had  a first peek at the cover for The Modest Proposal Institute: No More Empires, made some suggestions, and it’s looking good. A revised after-proofreading file has gone to the formatters so the schedule is also looking good for a launch on April 16 or 23rd. The final parts of the process are coming together nicely.

That brings me to what I wanted to say in today’s post. Would you like to be part of the book’s Launch Team? If so, post on this page, or my Facebook or Twitter pages, your interest. If you’re really committed, send me your email address (preferably by private message so you’re not putting it ‘out there’) and I’ll add you to the Launch Team.

You may be wondering what being on a Launch Team entails? It’s very simple and not too hard. First, I’ll send you a free copy of the book about one week before the publishing date. You read it (or skip through:-) and write 2 – 3 sentences about the book. Second, I tell you when the book is published and on or shortly after that day, you copy and paste your 2-3 sentences on the book’s page on Amazon. That’s it and for that you will receive my grateful thanks!!

OPNF Modest-Proposal-cover-looking-out-sized