Bye For Now

The schedule for my new cozy mystery, and the one that follows, has been pulled forward. Instead of one by February 2021, I’m doing two by March 2021. That’s a ‘challenging schedule’ as the management used to say in the projects field. Normal people said it was ‘crazy’ and as it was the normal people who were doing the work, they were usually right. This is just a long way of saying, I’m placing this blog on hold for at least three months while I attempt to meet the ‘challenge’.

I have to do this because the new book has been so successful and I don’t want to lose all the 10k+ readers by leaving it too long for a follow-up. It’s like having a hit single, you have to catch the market while it’s hot. So, until April 2021, I wish you a pleasant winter (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, or a pleasant summer, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) and Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate.

Here’s the link to my new book for anyone interested in a historical cozy mystery — In The Beginning, There Was a Murder. And here’s the cover:

In The Beginning, There Was a Murder

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