Switched Focus

This week, I’ve been entirely focused on my new cozy mystery novel, In The Beginning, There Was a Murder. Chances are, if you’re reading this, cozy mysteries aren’t your ‘thing’ so I’m warning you right up front this post is not about The Modest Proposal Institute series one or two. I’m too shell-shocked to even think about anything but the new book. Here’s why.

First the new book has to be formatted before it can be uploaded to Amazon. I’ve had others do this in the past but I bought formatting software to do it myself and the new book has been my learning experience. Now I’ve finished the formatting, I can say with an almost straight face it was easy. Loading up the ebook file to Amazon went well. The paperback file didn’t go at all. Some time, and some hair, was lost fixing that.

I set up a Facebook page for the cozy mystery series, The Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries, if you’re interested. That went well, by comparison with other. I write this blog on WordPress so I felt confident I could quickly set up a Miss Riddell Cozy Mystery WordPress site. It turns out, I couldn’t. My brilliant plan was to write a Miss Riddell blog post from the new site today — maybe it will be next week, or next year. Either WordPress changed or I did but one of us no longer matches the other.

The frustrations above, however, are but shadows compared to MailerLite. This is quite possibly the most unintuitive software ever created, at least to me. With lots of help from fellow authors and MailerLite users, I now am able to set up my author ‘campaigns’ (fancy MailerLite name for emails), landing pages (fancy term for webpage), and automate the mailing sequences for both. It’s possible I might even be able to take the training wheels off some day in the distant future. As I said at the beginning, I’m shell-shocked by software. I haven’t been so frazzled since software appeared in our lives in the last century! Oh well, next week I promise to return to thoughts on the next series of The Modest Proposal Institute.

Books 1 & 2 of The Modest Proposal Institute

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