More Musings on Probability

Recently, I had some discussion with a reader about creatures with different DNA being on Earth alongside creatures like ourselves — if the probabilities had worked out differently. And, of course, my heroes using a Variable Probability Drive in the next series of The Modest Proposal Institute would be sure to stumble upon such an Earth eventually. My thoughts at the time were that such creatures may be useful to us because they could convert things that had little value for us into things that might. The example I used was of a silicon-based lifeforms eating rocks and excreting metal ores in highly concentrated form.

It’s possible, however, that they may be more intelligent than us, or were intelligent sooner than us, and, consequently, we might be the ones being used as processing plants — though perhaps not if their DNA was as far removed from ours as a silicon-based one would be. But what if their DNA were either carbon- or closely related element -based and we and they overlapped in our needs? Competition for resources is what has driven us to fight each other from the beginning, as it does every other species. We’re fortunate no other creature on Earth has ever come close to us in intelligence and we’ve had a ‘relatively easy’ time of it. What if we’d a more closely matched competitor?

One suggestion was the idea of ‘islands’ (not islands in the sea) where we inhabit and other ‘islands’ they inhabit. It’s an attractive idea. Nature does this in everyday life by having herbivore species that inhabit the same landscape but eat different foods so they don’t compete. Our two different DNA tribes could do the same. The reason there are no Neanderthal or Denisovian humans left on Earth is probably that we out-competed them for the same foodstuffs. A stable world of different DNA creatures would have to have widely different needs or one of us would eat the other’s lunch. I see plenty of opportunities for conflict around the margins of these two ‘islands’ even if we couldn’t actually eat each other. Until next time, remember that The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Boxset is available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited, #KindleUnlimitedBooks, and Book 1 is only $0.99 on Amazon right now.

Book 1: An Old Path to a New Future

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