Sci-fi Cozy Mystery

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my next books are a cozy mystery series. While working on those and developing themes for the second series of The Modest Proposal Institute I thought satirically of merging the two for a whole new series of Science Fiction Cozy Mysteries. An idea I thought too absurd to be taken seriously. Today, I discovered that books like that actually exists!

The books that share this theme don’t have their own category in Amazon yet but I can see this ‘genre’ has possibilities. The close-knit community of a space station or moon- (or mars-)base, with all its inevitable tensions, would be an ideal setting for a cozy mystery and has the added advantage of some unusual ways to commit murder. And not only murder; affairs, thefts, and all the other earthly crimes would be likely to occur under the pressure-cooker stress of isolation and the possibility of immediate death if something goes wrong. All things considered, I can’t understand why it isn’t already a huge selling category — other than the two diametrically opposite audiences, I mean.

Sci-fi books do include murders, of course, but they’re generally thrillers with lots of action and violence. It seems those two categories work well together. I avoided making The Modest Proposal Institute overly violent because I wanted the inevitable rolling out of Earth’s near-future and the collapse of Western nations to be the central theme. My next series takes place after that period so it can include more threatening environments for the heroes and more thriller-like responses from them. Very like my old favourite, Dr. Who when Tom Baker was the doctor. Check out DrWhoOnline for information about all the many Doctors. Sadly, series two won’t be a sci-fi cozy mystery just yet. It would make this writer’s life much easier:-)

Finally, for those of you in Kindle Unlimited, The Complete Modest Proposal Institute series is free to read there. Check it out.

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