Indie Author Blues

I often ‘joke’ that the only part of book writing I like is doing the rough draft. Every other part is just like work. However, there are degrees of ‘don’t like’ that are worse than the others, which is a long way of saying that this week I’ve been learning how to do Amazon Ads properly. The days have been full days and all of it felt like work. When I become a best-selling author, I’m paying someone else to do the advertising and marketing for me. There are way too many spreadsheets and tables to fill with data for any sane person’s comfort!

I’m using The Modest Proposal Institute Boxset as my guinea pig for the ads in the expectation it will boost sales even as I’m learning the online advertising craft. We shall see. It better because I’m developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my whole arm doing the data entry. Not to mention the numbness in the rear end from sitting for hours on end. Should any of my readers be thinking of becoming an self-publishing independent author I will give some advice — start with a bestseller so you can subcontract right away.

One thought about my Variable Probability Drive I’ve been considering during my training sessions is what would a world be like with species that didn’t share our DNA. So far as we can tell, we and very other living creature on this planet share the same DNA. Suppose, a comet or meteorite had delivered a package of different DNA here? The species that share DNA find it hard enough to get along. How would we co-exist with something quite different? Any thoughts? Beyond the obvious one of ‘we’d get along badly’ I mean.

The Modest Proposal Institute: An Old Path to a New Future

2 thoughts on “Indie Author Blues

  1. About your DNA comment, I suppose one obvious question is whether the life forms with different DNA can eat each other. Something I’ve seen in other sci-fi scenarios is that some planets could have life with amino acids with their chirality (handedness/symmetry) opposite what we have on earth for most life, so that we can’t eat most of the plants or animals there. If they couldn’t eat each other, the smarter ones may learn and adjust behaviour accordingly. The degree to which they couldn’t effectively eat each other could vary from “can’t digest” to “bad tasting and toxic”. Beyond that, I don’t think we can guess how the two DNA-types would interact. I suppose it would start from basic instincts of attempt to devour vs. flee. Depending on culinary compatibility and how well the new life does in their new environment, and how quickly they reproduce, there could be scenarios where they spread like invasive species we’ve seen in earth history, or they could form an “island” of alien life where they started.

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  2. Thanks for this, Dave. One thought I had, which ties in pretty well with your present job, is that if a silicon-based lifeform was with us here on Earth we likely couldn’t eat it and it likely couldn’t eat us. However, it would be useful to us in the mining industry. For example, it would eat rock and likely excrete mineral ores saving us a lot of effort. However, while we may not want to eat each other there are still plenty of opportunities for conflict. Our places of natural beauty, for example, would in many cases be their larder.


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