Boxset Is Back in KU

The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Series boxset is back in Kindle Unlimited so, for those of you in Amazon Select, you can read it for FREE. For everyone else, it’s still available on Amazon at the low, low price of $5.99.

Much of my time right now is taken up with the soon to be published Cozy Mystery, In The Beginning, There Was a Murder, which I’m planning to publish on November 15, provided the world hasn’t ended due to the American Presidential Election. However, I’m still considering how the Modest Proposal Gang get on in their new universes and your ideas would be welcome. You might even become a character in one of the books, if that was something that interested you.

I dispersed the heroes in different directions because I want a wide variety of unusual places to write about. I’ve spent my life reading history and that suggests many opportunities for alternate realities but it can’t be just that. I’m looking for seriously different and just not quite finding it yet. An Earth where the Ice Ages wiped out human beings would be a great starting point. Which species would become ‘top dog’ and how would they compare to our travellers when they arrived? Douglas Adams, in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, has his hero, Arthur Dent ask at one point, ‘Why is no one ever pleased to see us?’ and it’s a fair question. Would the ‘top dog’ on an Earth without people, be pleased to see us? I suspect not. Any more than we’d be pleased to see an evolved and armed lion appear in our midst. Here’s your chance to float some ideas to me:-)

The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Series Boxset

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