Cozy Mystery Series

I’m going off topic again this week because I’m closing in on finishing the first book in my Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries series and I want to let my readers know when that is coming out. I mentioned it some weeks ago and said it would be out in mid-October or thereabouts. However, I’ve noticed there’s something going on out there in the wider world that will absolutely blitz any promotional activities I do for the new series. To be clear, the USA is having a Presidential Election and from mid-October until some days after November 3, nothing else will get noticed. I will, of course, continue to ignore this pointless waste of time and money because no matter who wins, the government always gets back in — as we used to say way back in the Sixties and Seventies. Nothing since then has changed my mind.

To cut this long story short, I will now release the first book in the series, In The Beginning, There Was a Murder, around November 15, provided most of the irrational screeching has died down by then. As you see, I’m not missing my schedule, just consciously and sensibly delaying it. It will be available for pre-order on my Amazon Author Page about a week before November 15. If it sounds interesting, visit my page and order it. How will you know if it is interesting? Easy, I shall tell you about it here in this Cole’s Notes version.

Pauline Riddell is twenty years old, just out of college, and in her first job at an armaments factory. The time is 1953 and the place is Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, UK. The Korean War is hot, the Cold War is cold, and World War 2 is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Her friend is murdered and for various reasons, she becomes unhappy at the way the Police investigation is going. She decides to do some investigating herself and the rest is history. If a look back in time and a puzzle to solve are your passions, then remember to look out for it, coming soon to an Amazon near you. I haven’t finalized the cover yet but here’s one of the covers being considered. Tell me if you like it.

Possible Cover for Book 1 of my New Cozy Mystery Series

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