With DrWhoOnline

Recently, the website, DrWhoOnline, has been featuring a The Modest Proposal Institute banner, which is drawing new readers to my boxset. I enjoyed Dr. Who when I was growing up and my kids did too so it’s neat to partner with a website entirely devoted to the whole history of Dr. Who. For me, there has only ever been one ‘real’ Dr. Who and that was Tom Baker but I’ll (try to) understand if you have another favourite:-)

In keeping with the Tom Baker favourite, I have to say my favourite villains were the Daleks. They still are. Admittedly they were clunky by modern cinematographic standards, not to mention their impracticality as fearsome warriors that couldn’t do stairs, the concept is better than anything else movie or TV science fiction has come up with since. Every villain from then to now has been a man wearing a funny costume and makeup, pretty well — or a CGI creation that looks like a man in a funny costume and makeup.

Similarly, I’ve been thinking a lot about Dr. Who’s transporter, the TARDIS, and how it resembles the Infinite Probability Transporter I’m imagining for my follow-up series. Dr. Who sets the Tardis to go places but when he (or now she) arrives, it is never quite where or when s/he expected to be. And no one is ever pleased to see him (or even her) — to quote Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I think my transporter has the same exciting feature. The pilot can say ‘take me to 95% Probability‘ and the Transporter will take him there. However, none of us have any idea what a world that is 95% probable will look like. And you can be sure what or who lives in it will be as pleased to see us arrive as we are to see ghosts and UFOs in our world.

The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Boxset

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