Back from the North

My apologies to my loyal readers. Last week I missed posting because my laptop refused to attach itself to the available internet connections. My phone was fine. My laptop not so much. It wouldn’t even accept my phone as a hotspot. I may have the screwed down its Internet Security a little too tightly or maybe the laptop is growing old and cranky. My last MacAir died after four years and maybe this one doesn’t want to make the last one look bad.

The trip up north without the internet did mean I could focus on re-writing my cozy mystery, now titled ‘In the Beginning, There Was a Murder‘. Once the Developmental Editor gets it back and reads it through, I should be ready for those final steps toward publishing. What that means is, I can return to thinking about series two of The Modest Proposal Institute. There’s so much going on in the space world just now, I feel I’m racing against time. Elon Musk’s SpaceX had great success recently in putting Westerners back into space while the Chinese continue developing their space station. They may have caught up with Alexis and co before I’m ready.

For new readers who’ve come here without knowing The Modest Proposal Institute, you can buy the whole series here in Kindle format or at my Amazon Author Page.

The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Series 1 Boxset

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