Alternate Opening for Series 2

Alexis saw from the window of his craft a primitive space city of old-fashioned looking modules. Clearly the moonscape in a ‘99.99+ percent probability’ world was one where someone other than the Institute colonized the moon. Who? He hesitated to set the craft down. If he materialized in this closely parallel world and it was violently hostile, he could be obliterated before moving the Probability Shifter forward.

He watched the settlement modules carefully, looking for signs of life. His scanners didn’t pick up anything but he wasn’t sure if they were working. After all, if he hadn’t actually brought his craft to a stop in this moonscape and it hovered uncertainly at the probability level he’d set could the scanners ‘see’ any living thing? He wondered if they, the settlement’s inhabitants, could see him? Was he appearing to them right now as a ghost or a UFO?

If he was, they weren’t doing anything about it. The moonscape remained eerily still. Surely there should be people moving about, even if it was their night time? They must have security or maintenance staff who worked when everyone else was asleep? There was only one way to find out. He set the craft down and switched off the Infinite Probability Drive. Nothing changed in the eerie stillness. At least, he thought, no missiles have come my way. My next step is to go visit them. Will they be happy to see me?

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, I’d be happy to see you over in my Amazon Author Page where you can buy the books to date. Or, better still, leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts on how Series two should go.

The Modest Proposal Institute Boxset

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