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An earlier book of mine is featured on Books Go Social‘s NetGalley right now so I’m taking this opportunity to share it here this week:-) You can find it in the link below the cover.

For those of you who can still, dimly, remember 2001/2 and all the events of that time, here’s a humorous refresher. The events are real but the characters and their stories are not. It was a time of intense news, even real news — with 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan, the War on Terror — and all while the Western world’s industries were outsourcing jobs to the rest of the world, which led to massive layoffs — called ‘downsizing’ or ‘rightsizing’ at the time. Euphemisms are wonderful thinks, aren’t they?

The Diary of a Canadian Nobody

Here’s the link to NetGalley I mentioned:

Probability Almost Zero

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m examine ways in which an ‘Infinite Probability Drive’ (as opposed to Douglas Adams’ Infinite Improbability Drive) might function — at least from the viewpoint of the driver of the vehicle it’s propelling — for series two of The Modest Proposal Institute. It opens up plenty of possibilities, such as the ghosts and UFO’s that people see but can never quite tie down. Our heroes may appear as ‘ghosts’ in the parallel universes they visit, just as the universes they visit may appear ghostly to them.

That would be likely in the universes they visit that are very close to ours in probability; i.e. almost 100% the same but not quite. But what about the case where our hero sets the probability to a small number, such as one percent? If there are an infinite number of parallel universes and they are separated only by probability levels, then there must be some where this Earth never got life, or life began then died out — as some have suggested might have happened on Mars. Perhaps it did get life but not carbon-based? Many of these ideas have been explored by writers, such as what if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out but continued evolving until they were the dominant species intellectually as well as physically — Dino Sapiens, in fact. Our ghostly heroes might see such a world as thin shadows but no one on that world may ‘see’ them at all. One thing I can be sure of, no matter what parallel universe they enter, the probability of finding any thinking being happy is almost zero. You have to be a non-sentient being for that to happen:-)

The Complete Modest Proposal Institute Boxset

Back from the North

My apologies to my loyal readers. Last week I missed posting because my laptop refused to attach itself to the available internet connections. My phone was fine. My laptop not so much. It wouldn’t even accept my phone as a hotspot. I may have the screwed down its Internet Security a little too tightly or maybe the laptop is growing old and cranky. My last MacAir died after four years and maybe this one doesn’t want to make the last one look bad.

The trip up north without the internet did mean I could focus on re-writing my cozy mystery, now titled ‘In the Beginning, There Was a Murder‘. Once the Developmental Editor gets it back and reads it through, I should be ready for those final steps toward publishing. What that means is, I can return to thinking about series two of The Modest Proposal Institute. There’s so much going on in the space world just now, I feel I’m racing against time. Elon Musk’s SpaceX had great success recently in putting Westerners back into space while the Chinese continue developing their space station. They may have caught up with Alexis and co before I’m ready.

For new readers who’ve come here without knowing The Modest Proposal Institute, you can buy the whole series here in Kindle format or at my Amazon Author Page.

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Alternate Opening for Series 2

Alexis saw from the window of his craft a primitive space city of old-fashioned looking modules. Clearly the moonscape in a ‘99.99+ percent probability’ world was one where someone other than the Institute colonized the moon. Who? He hesitated to set the craft down. If he materialized in this closely parallel world and it was violently hostile, he could be obliterated before moving the Probability Shifter forward.

He watched the settlement modules carefully, looking for signs of life. His scanners didn’t pick up anything but he wasn’t sure if they were working. After all, if he hadn’t actually brought his craft to a stop in this moonscape and it hovered uncertainly at the probability level he’d set could the scanners ‘see’ any living thing? He wondered if they, the settlement’s inhabitants, could see him? Was he appearing to them right now as a ghost or a UFO?

If he was, they weren’t doing anything about it. The moonscape remained eerily still. Surely there should be people moving about, even if it was their night time? They must have security or maintenance staff who worked when everyone else was asleep? There was only one way to find out. He set the craft down and switched off the Infinite Probability Drive. Nothing changed in the eerie stillness. At least, he thought, no missiles have come my way. My next step is to go visit them. Will they be happy to see me?

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, I’d be happy to see you over in my Amazon Author Page where you can buy the books to date. Or, better still, leave me a comment below sharing your thoughts on how Series two should go.

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