Looking For Ideas

I’m still thinking of ideas for the second series of The Modest Proposal Institute where the principal characters are exploring parallel universes. One of the dangers here is not to fall into the trap of ‘What If?’. We’ve all read or watched those stories a million times and they have been worked out, for the most part.

The stories need to be more than, what if the Germans had done the second world war, etc. and more than the time travel story where someone goes back in time and changes the future, which is, of course, our present. Most of these stories are little more than wishful thinking on the author’s part. As you can see, I know what I don’t want for series 2, and haven’t yet settled on what I do want. This where I need my readers to contribute some thoughts. That’s you:-)

Meanwhile, you can pick up my existing books at my Amazon Author Page here.

The Modest Proposal Institute Boxset

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