Modest Proposal Series 2 Ideas

Following my thoughts on an Infinite Probability Drive (IPD) from the past two posts, I think it really can’t move people through space or time. I think it just has to move through the infinite number of parallel universes that exist at the particular place it is standing at the time the drive is turned on. This means the IPD has to be in one of the spaceplanes from the first series. I want to keep the stories in the realm of science fiction and out of the realm of fantasy but this is a serious limitation. It means the next series stays around Earth, Earth 2.0, the Moon, and Mars. Not necessarily a bad thing, just restrictive so far as space goes.

Where the stories won’t be limited, of course, is in the many possible paths history might have taken had probability of even tiny events happening as they did been different. For example, had the spaceplane and its engine not been completed before the Institute was able to take advantage of it, the escape into space would have been hopelessly disadvantaged, if not impossible (with all due respect to SpaceX and Elon Musk whose efforts and products are truly amazing). In the end, however, this is probably not a major limitation. After all, there’s no life anywhere nearby in the Solar System so changes in probability wouldn’t likely lead to any big changes. Activating the IPD on Jupiter wouldn’t likely show the probability traveler much change to the planet.

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