Boxset Goes Live, July 1

You still have time to pre-order The Complete Modest Proposal Institute series before it goes live on July 1. However, the good news is, if you’re a procrastinator, it will still be only $0.99 until July 7 so all is not lost.

Meanwhile, my next book, a cozy mystery with the working title of, In The Beginning, There Was a Murder, is ready for a developmental editor to read and suggest improvements. If anyone out there knows a good editor that specializes in cozy mysteries, let me know.

My follow on series for The Modest Proposal Institute will use a probability drive to power their space travel. The question I’m struggling with is, would a probability drive allow for the user to shift locations or simply see the parallel universes that exist in the one place? If it is the latter, then my heroes need to have a ship that transports them to different places in order to experience the alternate universes at each location. This is where the Infinite Improbability Drive was so much better — it passed through all the places in the universe simultaneously. Choosing where to stop was all the traveler had to do. Your thoughts on this would be welcome.

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