The End is a New Beginning

As I mentioned in my last post, all four books of The Modest Proposal Institute are now on Amazon in ebook and paperback versions. The boxset, which you can buy on pre-order right here, will join them very soon and that will bring a close to the first series of this project. The second series will have our ‘heroes’ out in the universe away from Earth’s heavy gravity and as light as stardust. All that, however, must wait.

While I give the concerns of the Earth and the human race some time off, I’ll be working on a cozy mystery set in 1950’s England when the shadow of the Second World War still cast a darkness over the land and the Korean War was doing nothing to brighten it. For those of you who like science fiction and mysteries, keep your eyes peeled for my new book (as yet it doesn’t even have a working title) when it comes out later this year. Meanwhile, make your way over to my Amazon Author Page for my books that are already there.

Here’s a new image — the boxset cover:-)

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