Paperback Book 4 Live

Book 4 of The Modest Proposal Institute, War of the Institutes, has been on Amazon as an eBook since June 5. Today, the paperback version is there too. Those of us who prefer a book in our hands can now get the book as well. While doing the paperback of book four, I discovered I hadn’t published the paperback version of The Modest Proposal Institute book 3: Rival Institutes. Right now, I’m working on correcting that omission.

In addition, I’m working on creating a boxset of the completed series. The files for each book are out with the Formatter and should be back soon. The cover, showing each of the four book covers, is already done and just awaiting the formatted boxset file. Once I’ve published book three’s paperback, the full boxset will follow. I’m intending to publish it sometime early July. If you’re a boxset reader, your desires are almost about to be satisfied:-)

Where can you find all these books, I hear you ask? They’re all to be found on my Amazon Author Page.

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