Boxset Goes Live, July 1

You still have time to pre-order The Complete Modest Proposal Institute series before it goes live on July 1. However, the good news is, if you’re a procrastinator, it will still be only $0.99 until July 7 so all is not lost.

Meanwhile, my next book, a cozy mystery with the working title of, In The Beginning, There Was a Murder, is ready for a developmental editor to read and suggest improvements. If anyone out there knows a good editor that specializes in cozy mysteries, let me know.

My follow on series for The Modest Proposal Institute will use a probability drive to power their space travel. The question I’m struggling with is, would a probability drive allow for the user to shift locations or simply see the parallel universes that exist in the one place? If it is the latter, then my heroes need to have a ship that transports them to different places in order to experience the alternate universes at each location. This is where the Infinite Improbability Drive was so much better — it passed through all the places in the universe simultaneously. Choosing where to stop was all the traveler had to do. Your thoughts on this would be welcome.

The New Beginning

In last week’s post, I talked about the end being a new beginning and I wanted to expand on that idea this week. I’m taking a rest from sci-fi for a few weeks and producing a cosy mystery BUT I haven’t forgotten about Alexis and the gang. In particular, Alexis left Moon City in his Probability-Adjusting spacecraft. Series two of the story will follow those who left, starting with Alexis.

One of my favourite science fiction ideas comes from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and i know it wasn’t serious sci-fi but it worked for me. The starship, Heart of Gold, in Hitchhikers guide, with its Infinite Improbability Drive, strikes me as a great starting point for humanity in the future. Even if we start small with a mere Probability Adjustment drive. Once we escape Earth’s heavy gravity and atmosphere (in more than one sense of the word) we can really travel the universe without anything to hold us back. Look out for the start of the new series in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, why not visit my earthbound Amazon Author Page and buy The Modest Proposal Institute boxset.

The End is a New Beginning

As I mentioned in my last post, all four books of The Modest Proposal Institute are now on Amazon in ebook and paperback versions. The boxset, which you can buy on pre-order right here, will join them very soon and that will bring a close to the first series of this project. The second series will have our ‘heroes’ out in the universe away from Earth’s heavy gravity and as light as stardust. All that, however, must wait.

While I give the concerns of the Earth and the human race some time off, I’ll be working on a cozy mystery set in 1950’s England when the shadow of the Second World War still cast a darkness over the land and the Korean War was doing nothing to brighten it. For those of you who like science fiction and mysteries, keep your eyes peeled for my new book (as yet it doesn’t even have a working title) when it comes out later this year. Meanwhile, make your way over to my Amazon Author Page for my books that are already there.

Here’s a new image — the boxset cover:-)

Paperback Book 4 Live

Book 4 of The Modest Proposal Institute, War of the Institutes, has been on Amazon as an eBook since June 5. Today, the paperback version is there too. Those of us who prefer a book in our hands can now get the book as well. While doing the paperback of book four, I discovered I hadn’t published the paperback version of The Modest Proposal Institute book 3: Rival Institutes. Right now, I’m working on correcting that omission.

In addition, I’m working on creating a boxset of the completed series. The files for each book are out with the Formatter and should be back soon. The cover, showing each of the four book covers, is already done and just awaiting the formatted boxset file. Once I’ve published book three’s paperback, the full boxset will follow. I’m intending to publish it sometime early July. If you’re a boxset reader, your desires are almost about to be satisfied:-)

Where can you find all these books, I hear you ask? They’re all to be found on my Amazon Author Page.