Formatting Still in Progress?

I’d hoped to be a little further ahead this week than I was last week and, to be fair, I am ‘a little’ further ahead. I have received back the .mobi file of  book four (the final book) of The Modest Proposal Institute but I’m still waiting for the epub and .pdf files. For those of you whose eyes have just glazed over wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. To publish a book on Amazon to be read on Kindle, you need to supply Amazon with a .mobi file. For those who read on Kobo, or other eReaders, you need to provide an ePub file and for the paperback copy, a .pdf file.

Now my publishing schedule isn’t at a standstill. I have a Launch Team of volunteers who will read and review my book. I’ve sent them the .mobi file so those who use Kindle, which is most of them, can start reading and any final mistakes they find they will send back to me for fixing before the big day. However, at present, I could only launch the Kindle version on publishing day, which isn’t what I want. No matter, I have faith — and ten days to go. I’m sure all will be well, I think…

Meanwhile, as always, I hope my readers are keeping safe in these interesting times and visiting my Amazon Author Page for new books to read. Finally, for this post, here’s a preview of book four’s cover.

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