Formatting in Progress

Excitement is mounting in this author’s breast. Book 4, War of the Institutes, of The Modest Proposal Institute series is now with the formatter. Sometime very soon, I will have the files back with me for uploading to Amazon. Publishing will be shortly after that.

Those of you considering becoming an author, even if it is just for that ‘one good book’ we are all popularly supposed to have in us, should know this is the end of the ‘fun’ bit. From this moment on, it’s all about marketing. Marketing in the self-publishing book world is a lot of work. The good news is there are hundreds of companies who will, for a modest sum, help you to do that work. It’s important to start before publication date so the book goes out into a world of eager readers hoping to snap it up on day one. The author’s job is to encourage them to buy and leave a review on Amazon. I hope all you who are reading this have taken note and are poised to do just that. Meanwhile, while you wait, don’t forget to visit my Amazon Author Page🙂 and check out the books there.

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