Book 4 Has Made It To Amazon!

After eight long months of writing, editing, formatting, and the annoyances of things going wrong at the worst moments, the end is now in sight. The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes is uploaded to Amazon and ready to be released to the impatiently waiting public. At least, I hope you’re all impatiently waiting — or at least would pretend to be if you were asked.

It will be available at a reduced rate of US$0.99 from June 2 – 4 and then go to its regular price of $3.99 so jump in quick for a bargain. And even better, all the other three Modest Proposal books are US$0.99 as well right now. You can buy the whole set at my Amazon Author Page for some summer reading.

Ready To Go!

Book four of The Modest proposal Institute: War of the Institutes is ready to go. In fact, it’s better than that. It’s available of Amazon to pre-order so, those of you who’ve been waiting, go right ahead and do that. For those who can contain their excitement, it will become published on June 2 at a US$0.99 special price.

A special request from the author: when you’ve read the book, please leave a review on Amazon. You’d be surprised how much that helps us authors to build credibility and encourage us all to continue writing and publishing.

I’ve also made all three earlier books of The Modest Proposal Institute US$0.99 for the next two weeks so you can read them all at one low price. I’m beginning to sound like a salesman, I think I shall lie down and take a short nap.

Formatting Still in Progress?

I’d hoped to be a little further ahead this week than I was last week and, to be fair, I am ‘a little’ further ahead. I have received back the .mobi file of  book four (the final book) of The Modest Proposal Institute but I’m still waiting for the epub and .pdf files. For those of you whose eyes have just glazed over wondering what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. To publish a book on Amazon to be read on Kindle, you need to supply Amazon with a .mobi file. For those who read on Kobo, or other eReaders, you need to provide an ePub file and for the paperback copy, a .pdf file.

Now my publishing schedule isn’t at a standstill. I have a Launch Team of volunteers who will read and review my book. I’ve sent them the .mobi file so those who use Kindle, which is most of them, can start reading and any final mistakes they find they will send back to me for fixing before the big day. However, at present, I could only launch the Kindle version on publishing day, which isn’t what I want. No matter, I have faith — and ten days to go. I’m sure all will be well, I think…

Meanwhile, as always, I hope my readers are keeping safe in these interesting times and visiting my Amazon Author Page for new books to read. Finally, for this post, here’s a preview of book four’s cover.

Pauljames560 f

Formatting in Progress

Excitement is mounting in this author’s breast. Book 4, War of the Institutes, of The Modest Proposal Institute series is now with the formatter. Sometime very soon, I will have the files back with me for uploading to Amazon. Publishing will be shortly after that.

Those of you considering becoming an author, even if it is just for that ‘one good book’ we are all popularly supposed to have in us, should know this is the end of the ‘fun’ bit. From this moment on, it’s all about marketing. Marketing in the self-publishing book world is a lot of work. The good news is there are hundreds of companies who will, for a modest sum, help you to do that work. It’s important to start before publication date so the book goes out into a world of eager readers hoping to snap it up on day one. The author’s job is to encourage them to buy and leave a review on Amazon. I hope all you who are reading this have taken note and are poised to do just that. Meanwhile, while you wait, don’t forget to visit my Amazon Author Page🙂 and check out the books there.

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Book 4 is Now ‘Proofread’

For those of you following along in this series of posts on ‘how to be an author’ (or maybe it should be called ‘All the Annoying Things That Come Between An Author and Writing’), you won’t be surprised to learn I’m now at the stage where I’ve received my book back from the Proofreader. The good news about this stage is it is much quicker than trying to fix all the faults the Copyeditor found. The Proofreader simply corrects your grammar, spelling and punctuation — you know, like the English teacher at High School. The difference is your school essay was 1,000 words and you didn’t even have to look at the corrections, unless you were one of ‘those kids’. A book, however, is 50,000 words or more and you’re supposed to go through it and Accept or Reject every single suggestion the Proofreader made.

The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes is 54,000 words and full of dodgy punctuation, apparently. What can I say, I’m working on it! The good news is, when I’m done, there’s only the formatting to do and then it’s ready to publish. The cover is being developed, even as I write this. Mid-May is looking good. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit my Amazon Author Page for all my other books while I treat myself to a nice cup of tea.

Modest Proposal Institute NME teaser3