The Frustrating Part

The most frustrating part of writing a book is when you hand it over to others to do their ‘thing’ and you’re forced to wait for them to return it with their ‘thing’ done. No matter that you, the author, have procrastinated for days over the weeks of writing, somehow their time is longer than you feel it should be. In my case, it maybe because I fear they procrastinate as much as I do and I don’t approve. My slowness is the ‘working out of the author’s vision’. Their slowness is just laziness.

All of the above is just to say, I haven’t yet received back from the editor my precious manuscript — The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes. They aren’t actually late. In fact, it’s highly likely the edits will be received on time. It’s just frustrating they aren’t early.

However, my time is being well filled by researching and planning my next book. The plans are coming along nicely. I suspect, the book will be my usual slow production when I do start writing. I’m quicker at planning than writing. Meanwhile, as always, visit my Amazon Author Page and check out all my other books.

Modest Proposal Institute INSTAGRAM TEASER

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