Researching the Next Book

As I wait for my manuscript, The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes, to return with editorial comments, I’ve been researching for the next book. Researching is a just long word for ‘reading books’.  I’d like a change of pace from a series’s least a series that requires maintaining the characters and story through four sequential books. If I do another series it will be of the kind where there’s a central character that stays the same but the stories are all different.

That said, I’m thinking of a ‘cozy mystery’. I’ve always liked murder mystery stories, Miss Marple is a particular favourite. She reminds me of many of my aunts when I was a kid. They were all nurses and some of that old-fashioned nursing attitude was built right into them. I think it was no accident that Agatha Christie had Miss Marple doing nursing in WW1. My research is supposed to be helping me narrow down the time and place, as well as who my amateur sleuth will be. Maybe, it will. Anything is possible:-)

Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for War of the Institutes to arrive, check out my other books at Paul James’s Amazon Author Page.


Pauljames560_3_ ebook

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