Self-Editing Complete

Still moving forward on The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes to the extent I’ve now sent the manuscript to a real editor. If you don’t write books you may wonder why I’m claiming this as a great milestone:-) If you do, you’ll know we authors are never sure enough about what we’ve written to send it out to anyone, let alone an actually editor. I’m expecting the edited manuscript back for final corrections around the 14th.

After I make the final corrections or rewrites, the book will go for final proofreading, and final corrections on my part, before publication in early to mid-May. For those of you keeping track, this is pretty well on the schedule I set earlier in the year. If it happens, it will be a modern miracle!

After this book, I’m taking a rest from young adult science fiction and trying my hand at a cozy mystery. I’m hoping it will be a kind of vacation. Only time will tell:-) Meanwhile, for those of you who haven’t already, there’s still time to read books 1 -3, which you can buy at my Amazon Author Page.

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