Editing Complete-ish

Thanks to the virus keeping us all indoors, I’ve had plenty of time for editing. (For those of you writing a first book, don’t let my grumpiness about editing put you off.) I’ve now gone through the book twice and it’s almost there. It just isn’t dramatic enough at the high points yet. Or is that just me being too close to the story to see?  The life of an author is one of eternal self-doubt, as you can see from this weekly blog.

The next few days will see final re-writes and then off to a real editor; i.e. someone who does this stuff for a living. (I can’t imagine who would want to!) That takes about three weeks, there are two types of editing going on in that time, and then the manuscript goes to the formatter. The formatter creates the three different electronic files needed for Amazon (Kindle), the opposition (Nook, Kobo, etc), and also for the paperback copy.  That’s another 1 – 2 weeks. Then I publish. Those of you who are schedulers will see that means a publishing date somewhere in mid-May, if all goes well. Not quite per my 2020 Business Plan but close enough.

Meanwhile, while you wait, don’t forget to visit my Amazon Author Page for the books I already have published.

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