Editing! Ugh!

I finished my first draft of The Modest Proposal Institute, Book 4: War of the Institutes with a flourish during the week. It was exciting. Now, however, I’m in the editing phase. Preparing a second draft that could go to an actual editor. Writing may be painful but editing is numbing. I’m beginning to agree with all those writers down the centuries who’ve commented along those lines. Dr. Johnson, for example, said ‘No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.’ I’m sure he started out writing for pleasure, like all of us, and then finding it difficult work.

For me, doing a series is what’s changing my outlook to one along the lines of Dr. Johnson. Series are harder than standalone books, as I’ve discovered. If you’re reading this and just setting out on your author career, here’s my advice — single books first, then a series, if you must.

The good news is, of course, I’m now editing the first draft; a point in time I had doubts about ever reaching only a few weeks ago. For those of you saying to yourselves, ‘I wish he’d stop talking and just finish the book’, it means I’m closing in on that great event. The month of May is still looking good for a publishing day.  Meanwhile, as always, checkout my Amazon Author Page for one of my other fine books:-)

Modest Proposal Institute cover teaser1

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