Spring is Here! (I Think)

Our local groundhog guessed correctly this year on Groundhog Day. We do seem to be having an early spring or it could be I’m just in a sunny mood because I’m still writing lots of words. I’m hoping it’s both.

The Modest Proposal Institute book 4: War of the Institutes is progressing like a spring lamb — in leaps and bounds. At least so far as words are concerned. Whether there’s a story there when I run out of words or if it’s a different story to the one I was supposed to be telling, only the editing will show. My plan was to have this book published by the end of April and, in theory, that’s still possible.  So those of you waiting for this latest instalment, keep primed and ready to read.

Meanwhile, as always, check out my existing books on my Amazon Author Page for a book to tide you over until the big day arrives.

Pauljames560_3_ ebook

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