Editing Complete-ish

Thanks to the virus keeping us all indoors, I’ve had plenty of time for editing. (For those of you writing a first book, don’t let my grumpiness about editing put you off.) I’ve now gone through the book twice and it’s almost there. It just isn’t dramatic enough at the high points yet. Or is that just me being too close to the story to see?  The life of an author is one of eternal self-doubt, as you can see from this weekly blog.

The next few days will see final re-writes and then off to a real editor; i.e. someone who does this stuff for a living. (I can’t imagine who would want to!) That takes about three weeks, there are two types of editing going on in that time, and then the manuscript goes to the formatter. The formatter creates the three different electronic files needed for Amazon (Kindle), the opposition (Nook, Kobo, etc), and also for the paperback copy.  That’s another 1 – 2 weeks. Then I publish. Those of you who are schedulers will see that means a publishing date somewhere in mid-May, if all goes well. Not quite per my 2020 Business Plan but close enough.

Meanwhile, while you wait, don’t forget to visit my Amazon Author Page for the books I already have published.

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Spring Delayed (Again!)

After a brief warm spell that may have been spring, only time will tell, we’re back to freezing here in Canada’s sunny south. Zero degrees C is our ‘high’ today with 100% chance of snow overnight. Having just returned from a walk in the woods with my trusty camera, I can verify the lack of heat. I’ve been warmer on the same walk in January before sunrise. We are not amused.

My lack of amusement extends also to the editing of book 4 of The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes, which is not reaching the summery heights of being complete. Throughout the past week of consistent reading and revising, I’ve found many gaps and duplications. I’m not sure I even wrote this book! Today, however, I hope to find the work I did yesterday has solved the last problem and it will be smooth reading to the end — I hope.

One bonus of all this editing is, I haven’t had to wonder what I can do while self-isolating myself from the rest of mankind. Authors are generally self-isolated most of the time anyhow and, for me, the past week has been another successful example of that. Maybe the many problems of book four are an example of the amazing workings of fate. I’ll choose to think so. That way I won’t throw the laptop and book out of the window, which is what I’ve wanted to do all week. Meanwhile, please visit my Amazon Author Page for the books I have actually written and published. Book 4 will join them there soon.

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Editing! Ugh!

I finished my first draft of The Modest Proposal Institute, Book 4: War of the Institutes with a flourish during the week. It was exciting. Now, however, I’m in the editing phase. Preparing a second draft that could go to an actual editor. Writing may be painful but editing is numbing. I’m beginning to agree with all those writers down the centuries who’ve commented along those lines. Dr. Johnson, for example, said ‘No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.’ I’m sure he started out writing for pleasure, like all of us, and then finding it difficult work.

For me, doing a series is what’s changing my outlook to one along the lines of Dr. Johnson. Series are harder than standalone books, as I’ve discovered. If you’re reading this and just setting out on your author career, here’s my advice — single books first, then a series, if you must.

The good news is, of course, I’m now editing the first draft; a point in time I had doubts about ever reaching only a few weeks ago. For those of you saying to yourselves, ‘I wish he’d stop talking and just finish the book’, it means I’m closing in on that great event. The month of May is still looking good for a publishing day.  Meanwhile, as always, checkout my Amazon Author Page for one of my other fine books:-)

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Spring is Here! (I Think)

Our local groundhog guessed correctly this year on Groundhog Day. We do seem to be having an early spring or it could be I’m just in a sunny mood because I’m still writing lots of words. I’m hoping it’s both.

The Modest Proposal Institute book 4: War of the Institutes is progressing like a spring lamb — in leaps and bounds. At least so far as words are concerned. Whether there’s a story there when I run out of words or if it’s a different story to the one I was supposed to be telling, only the editing will show. My plan was to have this book published by the end of April and, in theory, that’s still possible.  So those of you waiting for this latest instalment, keep primed and ready to read.

Meanwhile, as always, check out my existing books on my Amazon Author Page for a book to tide you over until the big day arrives.

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