Benefits of Self-Publishing

One of the many benefits of self-publishing is that, if a reader spots a problem or mistake, the author can fix it relatively quickly and easily. For example, in my book of my aunt’s wartime diary, Annie’s War, I’d missed a cousin off our Family Tree. This wasn’t a problem for the diary but it was likely to create some family tension. The perils of non-fiction are many and varied!

The Family Tree has been fixed, the new ‘tree’ inserted into the book file, and the file uploaded into Amazon. They give everything the once-over and, 72 hours later, the problem is solved. If I had a Publisher, that would have taken months or more.

Meanwhile, writing of The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes continues at a reasonable pace. For me, that’s about a thousand words a day. Not a great pace but respectable, even though I know many of the thousand will be gone by the end. As you wait for my next book, maybe you are searching for something to read on these cold winter days. If so, you’ll find Annie’s War and the others at my Amazon Author Page.

Modest Proposal Institute NME teaser3


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