Still Working ‘Well’

Last week, I suggested I’d passed the point in writing The Modest Proposal Institute: War of the Institutes where I was treading water and was now in the forging ahead part of the process. This week, I find a lot of my earlier writing doesn’t fit with the forging ahead bit and I’m re-writing as much as I’m writing. You who are writing novels will I’m sure recognize the dilemma. Was the earlier writing ‘right’ and the later ‘wrong’, in which case I’m undoing good work that will some day soon have to be re-written back to where it was and the present work then re-written to match the ‘old’ work. Maybe I should become a useful member of society instead — a plumber perhaps.

Then there’s the plot plan, which now doesn’t align with either the new or old writing. I want to change that plan because I no longer like it but that means even more thinking. Maybe I shouldn’t aim for doing something useful, maybe decorative is more my forte — or maybe not.

Fortunately, I got a break from all that artistic anguish. I needed to make some simple corrections to the Jackson Family Tree in my book Annie’s War and that has given me something simpler to think about and do.  I like simple. So this week, because it is newly updated, I’m recommending you all visit my Amazon Author Page and buy Annie’s War: A WW2 Nurse’s Diary.

Modest Proposal Institute cover teaser1

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