New Year, Same Old

Welcome to my first The Modest Proposal Institute website post of 2020.  I hope you all had a great time over the holidays.

Despite the many temptations of the season, I did manage to keep writing each day so Book 4 (still untitled) continues to advance slowly — unless I decide to throw out everything I’ve written and start again, which is still very possible as it isn’t quite hitting the spot right now.

Writing as a ‘job’ is a bit like working for a large employer. There are a lot of long periods  of time when you plod along, interspersed with some short, exciting periods where something meaningful happens, like editing and publishing your finished book. Sadly, that’s a couple of months away for this book at my present pace. My business plan, however, says differently so I have to pick up the pace.

I have some new ‘teasers’ for the series (see below) and if they encourage you to rush off and buy, you can do so at my Amazon Author page here.

The Modest Proposal Institute FACEBOOK and TWITTER TEASER v2


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