Author Business Planning

When I worked, one of the least enjoyable jobs was creating the company’s annual Business Plan for the next year. It always involved arguments between those who wanted stuff, those who needed stuff, and in the end how to share out stuff among the different departments assuming our company sold as much next year as it did this. The one thing the Business Plan did was to unite everyone against management who had the task of drawing the lines.

As an Independent Author, however, I still do a Business Plan but without all the acrimony so it’s pretty well a happy exercise. The only problem comes at the end of the year when I find I haven’t ‘quite’ sold the ‘million books at full-price’ my 2019 plan was based on. Solving that problem, however, is ridiculously easy. I just don’t compare 2019 results to the 2019 plan and spend my time building next year’s plan instead, which is what I’m doing this weekend. Still, if you want to help me achieve those million sales, you can buy any (or even all) of my books at my Amazon Author Page.

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