Aunt’s WW2 Diary Update

Book 4 of The Modest Proposal Institute is still being written and it’s hard to find any late breaking news to report so I’ll give an update on my other book project instead. You can, of course, get books 1 – 3 at my Author Page on Amazon.

The formatter returned the ebook file of ‘1939 – 1945 DIARY AND RECOLLECTIONS OF SARAH ANNIE JACKSON’ and I’ve read it through. I sent back a list of changes on Friday and I hope to see the ebook and paperback files returned very soon. With luck, I’ll have it self-published on Amazon ready to give to the older members of the family for Christmas, which was my intention. It looks like I got the scheduling just right (he said while crossing his fingers, arms, toes, legs etc).

My Aunt’s diary isn’t a book that I’ll be advertising to the world. Beyond our family (and even then only the older members who can remember Annie), the only interested people might be nursing archives, library archives, wartime archives, and local history archives, which is kind of sad.  The upside is, once the book is in those archives, Annie will live on longer than was possible from just my, and her family’s, memory.

Pauljames560_3_ ebook


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