Author On Vacation

One of the difficulties of travel, the kind we prefer anyhow, is not always having an Internet connection. This week, I have.

On my last post, I said I was closing in on done for book 3 of The Modest Proposal Institute. Well, I’m still doing that. I have way more words then I need (as usual, at this stage) and I’m still figuring out the best way of telling the story.

This is always the hardest part for me, how to describe the events in such a way as to make them dramatic. It’s easier said than done and for me anyhow it requires lots of re-writing and then cutting. I particularly dislike cutting out words I’ve slaved over only a week or so before. Still, the end is in sight. I can see it. And so will you soon:-)

Modest Proposal Institute NME teaser3

Closing In On ‘Done’

I’m late again on my schedule of a Saturday post here. I like to think it’s because I’m working hard on Book 3 of The Modest Proposal Institute and not because I’m becoming forgetful. It’s too soon for Old Timer’s Disease.

I am working to finish the book and get it to an editor and I’m closing in on my word count. Unfortunately, with me, that doesn’t mean the story is done; it just means I’ve written a lot of words:-)

The next stage is clipping away the undergrowth so the story can be seen. It’s like our garden really — we let everything grow until nothing can be seen because we don’t have the heart to choose which are flowers and which are weeds. Next week will see some serious word pruning and then it’ll be perfect — I hope!

Modest Proposal Institute NME teaser3