The Writing Life

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fast writer, by which I mean I procrastinate a lot. I saw a meme somewhere that showed the life of a writer as 75% surfing the web, 20% doing anything else but writing, and 5% writing. I ‘liked’ that meme because that’s exactly me as a writer.

Knowing that, you’d think I would find it easy to smarten up. It isn’t. If I was locked in an Internet-free room with nothing but the tools of writing, I’d dream for 95% of the time and write for 5%. And I wouldn’t be dreaming of the story! How do I know this? Last night (and other nights lately) I lay awake for long periods of time just ‘day dreaming’. But could I force those night time ‘daydreams’ into a focused story that would complete book 3 of The Modest Proposal Institute? No I could not. I woke this morning with a general sense that I should finish the book as quickly as possible, which is where I was when I went to bed and the reason I lay awake ‘daydreaming’.  Today, however, will be the start of a new regime — possibly.

Modest Proposal Institute cover teaser1

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