The Modest Proposal Institute Progresses

Now that Book 2: No More Empires is finally launched and all the publishing problems have been fixed (I hope:-), I’ll return to book 1: An Old Path to a New Future. Why? Because I received some neat marketing ‘Teasers’ for book one and I want to use them:-)

As part of launching No More Empires, I upgraded An Old Path to a New Future with links to the new book. Once the formatter was finished, I uploaded the new file and book one ‘enjoyed’ the same peculiar behaviours that I saw with the new book. I like to think Amazon was having a bad week, I hope so anyhow, but I can’t help suspecting I’m not the savvy self-publisher I will be when book five comes out.

For those of you who haven’t yet bought either of the series, you can find them both at my Amazon Author Page. And finally, here’s one of the Teasers.

Modest Proposal Institute INSTAGRAM TEASER




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