Almost Editing Book 2

Those of you who’ve been following my blog posts will know I’ve been struggling with book 2 of my series — The Modest Proposal Institute. Well, the good news is I think it’s almost ready to go to a professional editor for Content Editing. For those of you who aren’t writing your own book (hard to believe I know) content editing is where someone who makes there living from editing other people’s writing, checks out the overall story to see it works and nothing is missed or whatever. This is the big picture part of the process.

If the author hasn’t left any loose ends and hasn’t included too much clutter, then the book can go on to the next stage — proofreading. If, however, there are, inconsistencies in the manuscript, then the editor can help by pointing the author in the right direction, which for many of us slow writers is a wine bar. The best part of handing the manuscript to a content editor is it takes them a week or two to read and comment so the author gets a well-earned break. I can hardly wait.

OPNF Modest-Proposal-cover-looking-out-sized

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