Still Re-Writing Book 2

Last week I described how I was working to increase the drama in my follow-up book’s story and the amount of re-writing that entailed. I guess I didn’t understand the half of it because I’m still working and not finished. There are times when my trusty laptop is lucky to be here and not out on the snow or in the bin.

I am, however, learning more about marketing my earlier book, The Modest Proposal Institute — Amazon ads and boosting Facebook posts. As a recipient of advertising, I’ve never liked marketing much. I go and make tea when ads come on TV and trying to actually do ‘marketing’ is equally unappealing. These past weeks, I’ve been keeping keywords constant and changing the book blurb or vice versa. Next week, when I’ve finished preparing, I’ll be doing new keywords with the same blurbs. Amazon gives statistics on how your ad is doing but it takes at least a week before you see some numbers to look at — and then they’re not pretty. Ugh! When I’m a multi-million dollar author, I’ll have a marketing company do this (and maybe a team of writers to do the books too:-)

OPNF Modest-Proposal-cover-looking-out-sized

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