Re-Writing Book 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had my word count for book 2 but not actually a story — or at least not a strong enough story. There are ways to increase the drama, such as adding a more severe story line, a murder, for example, or shorten the timescale to make everything and every character alarmingly hyperactive. The difficulty with any changes late in the day is, of course, everything has to be re-written with the new element added. All of that is just my way of saying my original schedule — publishing Book 2 in February — is definitely not going to happen:-(

I’ve never liked the editing part of writing. It turns out I like re-writing part even less. Now I have both to do instead of just one. Note to future self: Think the story through better before starting!

OPNF Modest-Proposal-cover-looking-out-sized

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