Awaiting Proof (Copy)

The Amazon site’s process for creating the paperback from your ebook is amazingly simple to use — I’m impressed. It’s particularly simple to use, if you have properly formatted file to upload and you have a properly prepared front and back cover. If you don’t have a cover, Amazon does provide a tool to build a cover.

I had my text formatter provide a file for both ebook and paperback so that part was done but I wasn’t brave enough to build my own cover so I went back to my cover designer and had her build me a file for the front and back cover. I got that on Thursday. With that, it was only minutes to upload both the cover and text files and have a ‘proof copy’ winging its way to me (I hope:-).

When the proof copy arrives, all that remains is to check that it looks as good in real life as it does on the screen and press ‘Publish’. I hope that will be early this coming week. Meanwhile, for those of you who are waiting, here’s a preview of the cover…opnf cover pauljames560

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