The Modest Proposal: Book 2

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m working on the second book of the series with a view to having it out sometime around early February. I’m at that point where an author finds he or she has lots of words written, almost enough for the book, but not actually a story written. This is where it tends to get difficult.

It isn’t always like this, of course. Sometimes the author has enough words for the book and the story but nothing else; i.e. no scenery, place, time, etc. None of the ‘furnishings’ that a book needs to be an actual book.

This is what separates the writer from the author, if you see what I mean. The ability to turn a pile of words into fully kitted out novel. I read lots of good advice from authors on how to do this. They offer different strategies and processes to follow. I can even remember some pieces of some of them. I have my own strategy called the ‘it-will-be-alright-on-the-night’ plan. It has worked every time so far. I’m sure it might this time too.


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