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The Modest Proposal Institute is in the running to be the Books Go Social¬†‘Readers’ Choice Book of 2018′. It would be really great if you would add your support here:

Winning this would make 2018 truly special for this author after having my book named an Amazon #1 Bestseller and an Amazon #1 New Release in the Children’s Imagination & Play Category.

The Modest Proposal: Book 2

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I’m working on the second book of the series with a view to having it out sometime around early February. I’m at that point where an author finds he or she has lots of words written, almost enough for the book, but not actually a story written. This is where it tends to get difficult.

It isn’t always like this, of course. Sometimes the author has enough words for the book and the story but nothing else; i.e. no scenery, place, time, etc. None of the ‘furnishings’ that a book needs to be an actual book.

This is what separates the writer from the author, if you see what I mean. The ability to turn a pile of words into fully kitted out novel. I read lots of good advice from authors on how to do this. They offer different strategies and processes to follow. I can even remember some pieces of some of them. I have my own strategy called the ‘it-will-be-alright-on-the-night’ plan. It has worked every time so far. I’m sure it might this time too.


Amazon Author Ranking

One of the reports that Amazon gives the author is one that tracks how the author ranks as opposed to how the book (s) are doing. Of course, being a highly rated ‘author’ doesn’t pay very well (or at all, actually) but it does give this author a warm feeling of satisfaction. I’ve no idea what the report measures or how it is measured (it’s possible it’s completely made up) but it makes me happy and that’s good enough for me — for now, anyhow:-)

Marketing Struggles

Writing a book is easy compared to marketing one, I’ve discovered. I thought I’d set up a way for buyers to get some Bonus Content as a reward (and to be honest also to get me email addresses for future book launches:-) but it doesn’t appear to work. My efforts to make it work haven’t so far been successful. I’m sure it worked when I first set it up and tested it and now it doesn’t – aargh!

I’m also learning the ropes on Amazon advertising, which is also a challenge to the ungifted marketer in me but is at least fun to do.

Meanwhile, book 2 Shane’s Story is being steadily written so goes the life of the modern author. Some days, quill pens and parchment look extremely attractive.