The Modest Proposal Institute is now LIVE on Amazon

I woke up this morning to snow (Yay, Canada) and a message from Amazon to say The Modest Proposal Institute is now available to the buying public.

My thanks to the team of coaches and supporters at Self-Publishing School for getting me and the book to this point. If you’ve thought about writing a book, I certainly recommend them.

Those who’ve been waiting to buy (I hope there are millions of you:-) can find it here:





The Modest Proposal Institute is Uploaded

Well, I did it. The Modest Proposal Institute: And Old Path to a New Future is uploaded to Amazon and is ‘in review’. They say it can be 72 hours before it’s actually available for sale — you’ll just have to contain your excitement for another few hours.

This is the culmination of 11 months ‘work’ and is almost an anti-climax. The uploading went so easily, once I’d gathered everything I needed for it, that it felt a bit flat. The good news is, the really hard work begins now — marketing the book.

Getting Closer, Growing Nervous

Thanks to a sharp-eyed early reader, a typo was found and thanks to the formatting team at Polgarus Studio, the file is ready to be uploaded to Amazon. I intend to learn how to do that tomorrow and load on Tuesday. That’s the schedule but, to quote Rabbie Burns, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang agley’ , (which means ‘often go wrong’ for those of you not up on 18th Century Scots English) and I suspect there’s a good chance this will be no exception.


The Final Steps

Those of you who have self-published, or are self-publishing, books (and I’m sure that’s all of you:-) will know contractors and suppliers in this industry are as likely to miss deadlines as in every other industry.

In the early stages of the process, copy editing, for example, the author can be quite relaxed about these ‘small’ delays but, like now, when I’m in the final stages of publishing all those ‘slippages’ are showing up and the latest one is shredding my patience — argh!

No matter, there’s still time to have the book on Amazon by ‘mid-November’ as I’ve been telling everyone I would.


Getting Closer to Publication

The publishing date for The Modest Proposal: An Old Path to a New Future is getting closer, too close for this anxious author because there seems too much to do before it happens. No matter, everything will be done and it will be released.

Everyone else has done their part. And almost all the files are back from the folks formatting the book for e-books and hard copy books and that’s really the final step. The only thing missing is the author needs to put some serious thought into little things like an interesting book description and author bio – that last part is particularly hard to do. To give you an example of why that is hard. Today I tried to do a review for a recent Kindle purchase from Amazon and I got a notice that said some thing like this (I can’t remember the exact words):

“We can’t accept your review. You have violated our Community Guidelines.”

I was quite thrilled by this – never having knowingly offended any Community Guidelines before. Sadly, and fortunately I guess, when I called and asked them about it they said it was a mistake. Something was wrong with their system. It seems I’m not the desperado I thought I’d become. My bio will probably reflect that.