New Facebook Author Page

Today’s post is another simple one because I’m still getting set up here… and there… and there. There’s so much for an author to do in the modern world of self-publishing. Anyhow, today I’ve created a Paul James Author page on Facebook. Between the two different sites, I should be able to cover all that’s new and exciting in the world of The Modest Proposal Institute.

Other news, today I sent out a request for people to join my Launch Team. In case there are any early visitors to this site, I’ll add my request here:

I’m both excited and nervous about launching my first self-published book, The Modest Proposal Institute – An Old Path to a New Future. It’s the start of a Sci-fi series starting in today’s world and going forward. The story follows two boys growing to become men. Through the Institute, one sets out to explore space and the other turns to the undersea world here on Earth, as the world we know decays around them.

Some of you may know what a Launch Team is and what to expect if you sign up. However, for those who, like me, had no idea until I reached this point, I’ll give a brief synopsis. Members of a Launch Team read the book being launched and leave a review on Amazon within 48 hours of the book’s release (if humanly possible). Those early reviews mean a lot; they send the book out into the world on a positive wave of goodwill. Early reviews are also important to the author because it means the author and book are eligible for various Amazon promotions. If you join the team, you will be given a free advance copy so you’re ready to review when the time comes.

That time will be mid-November. I don’t have a settled launch date yet but the book is being formatted even as I write, it’s that close.

Your support would be really appreciated so, if you can, please volunteer by replying to this post with your email or, if you prefer, message me.

Or to make a long story short — HELP!!!

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