Why an Undersea World?

I’ve set the books in the present and near future because, while there are plenty of stories set out in the galaxy or galaxies that future is centuries away — if ever. How we get to that universe wandering future is lightly skipped over, and with good reason. It doesn’t look as if we are ever going to get off this planet (yes, I know the Chinese are planning a Moon base soon and probably the Russians too). And I wish those folks good fortune but I want our people to be there with them, not watching enviously from the safety of our basements and bedrooms. People need to achieve and space and the bottom of the ocean are the last two places we can really do that.

Why the sea? Whoever can make the depths of the ocean home, has a whole new world to live in. One where we can live with the world, and not against it, right from the start. And living ‘with the undersea world’ can happen because down there we are out of our element. We would live enclosed, separated lives so we won’t be able to interact badly with the environment as we do on land.

I may be hoping too much here, like H.G. Wells and his ‘league of airmen’ he thought might be able to keep world peace because they controlled the air. Wells’ hopes were cruelly dashed when air power was used to rain down bombs on cities around the world in the service of old-fashioned power struggles but I’m hopeful my imagining will not be so easily dashed. The deep-sea world is an unforgiving one and that alone should keep humans honest. It might. We’ll see how the story develops in The Modest Institute series, if not in real life.

Coming Soon and a More About the Series

The Modest Proposal Institute: An Old Path to a New Future will be back from the Formatters on Wednesday, two days from now. Soon after, it will be published. There’s still time to join the Launch Team and take part, just let me know and I’ll add your name to the list.

This new book is the first in a series that will take us out into space and below the sea, both areas where exploration has fizzled out in the past 40 years. I’ve been unhappy with our progress in space travel for some time and my disappointment has been brought into sharp focus with the recent film about the first men on the Moon. Putting aside the controversy over the film, it’s a reminder of how long it is since we were on the Moon.

It’s not just the Moon. Here on Earth, we’ve stood still too, as I was also recently reminded when watching an old James Bond movie – Moonraker. Made in 1979, James Bond jumps on a supersonic jet and flies to Rio de Janeiro before heading into space on a space shuttle, something no Westerner can do today. If we want to go into space now, we have to buy a seat on a Russian rocket.

Still, if we in the West can’t do it in real life anymore, will be able to do it in our imaginations through my new series.

New Facebook Author Page

Today’s post is another simple one because I’m still getting set up here… and there… and there. There’s so much for an author to do in the modern world of self-publishing. Anyhow, today I’ve created a Paul James Author page on Facebook. Between the two different sites, I should be able to cover all that’s new and exciting in the world of The Modest Proposal Institute.

Other news, today I sent out a request for people to join my Launch Team. In case there are any early visitors to this site, I’ll add my request here:

I’m both excited and nervous about launching my first self-published book, The Modest Proposal Institute – An Old Path to a New Future. It’s the start of a Sci-fi series starting in today’s world and going forward. The story follows two boys growing to become men. Through the Institute, one sets out to explore space and the other turns to the undersea world here on Earth, as the world we know decays around them.

Some of you may know what a Launch Team is and what to expect if you sign up. However, for those who, like me, had no idea until I reached this point, I’ll give a brief synopsis. Members of a Launch Team read the book being launched and leave a review on Amazon within 48 hours of the book’s release (if humanly possible). Those early reviews mean a lot; they send the book out into the world on a positive wave of goodwill. Early reviews are also important to the author because it means the author and book are eligible for various Amazon promotions. If you join the team, you will be given a free advance copy so you’re ready to review when the time comes.

That time will be mid-November. I don’t have a settled launch date yet but the book is being formatted even as I write, it’s that close.

Your support would be really appreciated so, if you can, please volunteer by replying to this post with your email or, if you prefer, message me.

Or to make a long story short — HELP!!!

What’s the Book About?

Into a world where boys were failing in schools, universities and other areas of life, a return to basics organization, The Modest Proposal Institute, was formed to build and run schools for boys far away from government influence and meddling. The curriculum of the schools was STEM and the ancient courses, such as history, geography, and English language and Literature. The first school and university focused on steering its students into Technology.

The story follows Alexis, as he grows from boy to man in the Institute built by his grandfather and an enigmatic retired engineer, Dean Swift. Like many young men, Alexis dreams of saving the world and the way he’s going to do that is by leading this new school to ever greater success for his grandfather expects it of him. The only barrier he sees standing in his way is a kid called Shane.

Shane is at the school because his awkward manner upsets ordinary people. This makes him want to prove himself extraordinary, which means leading this school obviously meant for misfits to ever greater heights. His only real rival, as he sees it, is a kid called Alexis.

Each boy believes that only by besting the other will they achieve their dream and that only under their leadership will the future be safe. Each sees it as a do-or-die struggle, him or me – but is it?


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me here at The Modest Proposal Institute website where I’ll be supporting all things to do with my soon-to-be-published first book of a series, as well as anything from the world of science and technology that lends itself to what I’m writing about.

What am I writing about? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, the world we’ve all enjoyed these past few decades is coming apart at the seams. Everyone has their own idea how to fix that and I’m no exception. The Modest Proposal Institute is a fictional story about a billionaire and a retired engineer who decide it’s time to go back to where they believe the Western world went off the rails. They start an offshore boys school and university where they think a better future can be created than the one they see coming.

The first book in the series, An Old Path to a New Future, will be published on Amazon in early November. I hope you’ll be part of the journey to the moon, the planets, and to the depths of the oceans here on Earth.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton